Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's In The Box?

We have started back with workboxes for both Jem and Olive, shown here in our homeschool room. I like the fact that I heard Olive say, "good, I only have one more box left to do".  
For Jem it was more the sound in her voice like, "ahhh, and wow"! The lowercase letter "a," activities and apple lacing came from here.
                                             Cutting and pasting Fall items came from here.
                            This fun Noah's arc animal sorting file folder game came from here.
                                           Matching money is always a hit with Jem.
Olive enjoyed these trap door readers from Evanspor designs who generously sent us the PDF to download a few months ago. These trap door readers help children decode words one letter at time. Olive liked sliding the piece of paper across the letters and knowing she said the right word by the picture it revealed. They are easy to put together, just print, cut, and paste. The words can be printed in cursive, print, and lowercase.
Here is a photo from her Etsy site showing how nice they look when you use a bone folder. I wish I would have found these first before I went to the troubled of making my word sliders.
Happy Learning!

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