Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pumpkin Mosaic Craft & ABC Twiggles Winner

These fun pumpkin plates are easy to make and will give you some extra free time while the kids craft.
You will need:
-paper plate
-orange construction paper cut into squares
-black construction paper for the face
-1 green pipe cleaner for the stem
- a glue stick
Have fun making a mosaic pumpkin face.
Thank-you all who entered the giveaway for a year subscription to ABC Twiggles. I would like you to know that I checked out your blogs and I now follow you too. The winner is:
Christy said...No Time Like The Present
I could only see the A activities but they were really great!!! Thanks for the chance to win! Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

oo love the pumpkin mosaics!! Congrats to the winner :-)

welcome to our wonderland said...

we LOVE ABC Twiggles!!!!

Alli said...

So cute!

I have been enjoying your blog so much. Because of your dedication to your blog I would like to present you with the "Versatile Blogger" Award.

Go here to accept your award:


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