Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Homeschool Room

Well after two weeks of school I totally reorganized the room. It flows much better now!
 I should show you now because it probably will never be this clean again! 
This is our book nook with a CD player for books on tape and music. 
    I hang a thick ribbon to the wall and use clothes pins to hold our letter-of-the-week and art projects. 
This is our morning board: Calendar,  Clock,  Make the date,  Days in School,  Months and Seasons,  Prayer,  Color of the week,  the middle (left open) will be for our poem of the month.  I will be adding Weather, and Phases of the Moon to our daily activities.
             I just revamped our workbox system using these 5 drawer bins.
I keep our curriculum, printer, and my school supplies on this shelf. I found many useful morning board printables at Homeschool Creations, Confessions of a Homeschooler, and Mama Jenn- Thanks for your kindness.  Happy Homeschooling!


Carolyn said...

Wow what an interesting room you have created for teaching Olive! Makes me wish I were a student there also. LOL! You are doing a great job and making learning so much fun which in turn, makes Olive and Jem curious and eager for what they will find out next. Proud of you!

Halley said...

Looks great Karen!!!

Mama Jenn said...

Looks great!!!!

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