Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Learning About Shells

Since we live near the beach we have a lovely collection of shells. If you take a close looks you can see on the shell board that we are learning about bi-valves (two halves that fit together).
Oyster- circular grooves
Scallop- symmetrical
Ark- zig-zag streaks
Cockle- asymetrical

At our house we get pretty creative with shells. Olive loves to make ornaments and necklaces out of them, while Jem loves to paint them. Pictured above is a sand dollar and an olive shell (the state shell of South Carolina). 
 This was one of her amazing Mother's Day necklaces for me!
I will be hosting a great BIG giveaway on Thursday....so please visit again soon!


Lindsay said...

What fun learning activities! We just got back from the a week at the beach.. We however didn't bring any shells back. My son thinks they should all go back in the ocean after we find them ;-)

Alli said...

What a great learning experience, and fun too!! Didn't realize you could teach so much math collecting seashells :-)

Carolyn said...

Can't wait for my next visit so Olive to educate me about shells. I like the jewelry she made.

Carolyn said...

So Olive can educate me about shells. LOL!

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