Thursday, August 14, 2014

Leaf rubbing & nature journaling

It's a beautiful day here in North Carolina. 
It's perfect for leaf rubbing and nature journaling.  
My girls love to discover nature. They select a fallen leaf and rub the paper with oil pastels, then then they look up tree name in our nature books. 
They think each tree has a different scent so they like to rub the leaf in their journal, like a scratch and sniff sticker.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Lancaster County, PA

I took Lancaster County for granted when I was growing-up. I found the endless corn fields and supply of fresh produce in exciting. Yet years later, we stop and watch the horse and buggies trot by and look at awe at each Amish community. I am glad that I can share this experience with my children.  We head home with a car full of fresh picked corn, melons, a shoe-fly pie for our neighbor, and sweet bologna.
- places to see:
Choo Choo Barn
PA Railroad Museum
The Turkey Hill Experience
Strasburg Railroad

Monday, August 4, 2014

Cotton- field to fiber

Our 4-H Textile group had a wonderful field trip last month. We learned all about cotton and how it goes from the field to the fiber.
We learned that the cotton buds are edible and it takes 1 plant to knit a sweater.

The girls took the cotton from the plant and brushed it until it was fluff.  The fluff was then spun onto a make shift spinning wheel made from a mason jar lid and cabob stick.  Spinning is such an art!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Echo In Celebration- FREE

Did you know you can download a free copy of Leigh Bortin’s book, Echo in Celebration? Visit for your free copy.  The free download is located on the right hand side of her blog.  It's a lovely book on how to encourage the life long learners and it's a simply read.

Classical Conversations Cycle 3, week 1

If you are like have been staying up late prepping for the new school year. I pulled this one out of the archives.  It's hard to forget week 1, it's always the first one that comes to mind when I give someone a CC example.

Columbus Boats

We made these cute boats to go along with our Classical Conversations history sentence and they turned out great.

History Sentence:
In 1492, Columbus sailed on the first of four trips to the Caribbean on three Spanish ships, called the Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria.

I think they will make cute name cards for our Thanksgiving table.  We followed these directions, but used a chopstick to hold the sails up.
(linked to Half a hundred acre woods weekly link-up)

Summer Nature Study

Summer Nature Study Schedule
As you know my girls love nature. This is the second summer that we are following this guide. We are also observing a tree through all the seasons right in our front yard.

June: Birds- name, visual identity, song
         Ocean- plants, shells, mammals, crustaceans

July: Amphibians- life cycle, parts, habitats, identity
         Butterflies- life cycle, watch it grow

August: Rocks- types, visual identity
Along with our study each girls will keep a nature journal, nothing fancy, just another way to record what they see by drawing, sketching, and doodling. These take along guides found here at Amazon should help us on our nature journey. I hope you come along too!

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Path

Hello faithful followers, as you can see it's been too long.  Please follow me on my new path as I blog about homeschooling, cooking, crafting, and dive a little deeper into issues that interest me.  So please bookmark, or click on: By Taking Root

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A "Conscious" Giveaway

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  You may be the lucky one to receive a FREE month of Conscious Box!  The giveaway will end this Saturday:
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Classical Conversations

I am happy to say that we completed Cycle 1 of Classical Conversations. I will be tutoring next year and looking forward to the challenge.

At our end if year party the girls sang the Timeline song and showed off their art work.

Olive also took the Woodcock Johnson test last month. It was a good first test, which gave us a broad view on what she knows by age and grade.

We all had spring fevers...literally...but we are in the mend now!

We had fun recently at NC State's farm animal days, the NC symphony, and the park. Sports are also in full swing with softball and soccer filling up the calendar.

We look forward to finishing up our Saxon Math books and starting All About Spelling. The zoo and an orienteering trip are on the agenda for this week.

Our baby is quickly growing into a toddler...she already is, but I am in denial. She really enjoyed her first sensory tub!

I did allow the girls to hear some of the news about the Boston bombing, and I made sure that they knew the bad men were caught. We prayed for peace and for love to shine in everyone's hearts.

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