Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cow's Eye Dissection

Our Classical Conversation group gathered today to dissect a cow's eye.  We are learning about the human body this cycle and the past two science experiments have discussed the eye.

This was the first dissection experience for the children.  I explained that the smell was fermaldihyde and it was used to preserve specimens. (I should mention that this was my first dissection since high school.)

We went step by step: fatty tissue, cornea, lens, retina, tapetum, and optical nerve.
The children also learned how to find their blind spot.  This first dissection project was pretty fascinating and not gross.  The children and Moms walked away with a better understanding of how the human eye is made.

This is a great link to help you understand the dissection process.

Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood - See more at:

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Brandy Ferrell said...

Wow, Karen! Where did you get the supplies? What age group did you do this with? I would love for us to dissect an eye! Thank you for sharing at the Cycle 3 Weekly Link-up!

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