Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bring On The Tooth Fairy

 Olive is a happy girl today...she lost her first tooth.
 It came out sooner than expected so I didn't have a tooth pillow made, instead she decorated an envelope.  It reads, "tooth fairy, this is your tooth."
I should mention that her tooth came out while she was eating an apple. She was so upset, she cried, and cried.  Her sister was more excited than she was at first. Olive has one more loose tooth on the bottom too. After the initial shock, she started talking about what the tooth fairy would bring her....hmmm.

She wants her tooth to be given to a little baby and $1. The tooth fairy will give her $2 and a sprinkle of fairy dust on her pillow.


Anonymous said...

oo yay on losing a tooth!! That picture is so sweet with the tears under her eyes... I remember crying when I lost my first tooth as well :-)

Carolyn said...

How sweet! Bet that was a shock if she wasn't expecting to loose it. Thanks for having her call me to tell me and I have sent a message to the tooth fairy that got her dad's first tooth. Olive should be getting another surprise from another tooth fairy soon. Love

Alli said...

So sweet. I have a little girl that can't wait to loose one of hers, but I bet she'll end up crying too :-) love the fairy dust idea.

Rachel Whitehead said...

Did I mention that when Aiden lost his first tooth he hoped that the tooth fairy would bring him twenty thousand dollars? Ha! I told him I sure hoped she did. :) Instead he got four quarters and he was very happy.

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