Monday, October 25, 2010

Vocab Builders

Here are four Halloween books that we enjoyed this weekend.
Corduroy's Trick or Treat, Haunted House, Boo Who?, and Happy Halloween- Picture Me.
We worked on making words with letters t, a, p, s, n.  I drew three rectangles for Olive to place the letters.

 To help build on the story words that we are learning with Wordly Wise K, Olive matched the vocab words with the pictures.  I also had her point to the word I said and then pick the correct photo.

We are currently reading Little House in the Big Woods, by Wilder. When we come to a word that she questions, we write it down on an index card, and add it to our "word box." We review these words weekly by learning definitions and using them in a sentence.


Carolyn said...

Looks like a very busy Monday at home school. Hope Olive loves the "Little House" books as much as I did. Love, Carolyn

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the activity and the books you tied to it. Plese stop by and link it to Read.Explore.Learn.

JDaniel4's Mom

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