Friday, August 6, 2010

Noodle Head Puppets

We had a wonderful time at our farmer's market this week. Not only did we get our face painted, and some yummy fruits and veggies,  but the girls made these adorable and crafty Noodle Head Puppets!
To make these Noodle Head you'll need:
-paint stick
-2 inch piece of a pool noodle
-yarn, golf tee, and brackets for face
-plastic table cloth (cheap party kind)
-chopstick to poke the yarn in the head
-sharpie or pipe cleaner
-Beads if you want to embellish yarn hair

Cut a 12 inch circle out of the table cloth, place it over the paint stick, and pop the noodle top over it. Next add the brackets for eyes, golf tee for nose, and either draw on a mouth with a sharpie or use a piece of a pipe cleaner. This next part was their favorite...use a chopstick and poke the yarn into the noodle. Enjoy your puppet show!


Terra said...

I'm loving the puppets. I am starting to realize that there are many good uses for those noodles besides swimming.

Linda said...

So sweet! Thank you for posting on Creative Friday:)

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