Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Free C-Span Presidents Timeline

This site allows registered teachers to request a poster of the Presidents, complete with a timeline.  Each president is listed on the timeline at the year of their birth.  Our family's poster arrived today - it's huge but it will be a GREAT teaching tool and it's free. Go here to find out more.

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Rachael said...

My gosh, that is so awesome! I am getting my poster. Its such funny timing. I have been working on memorizing the presidents (only to 20) since last month. My personal goal is to memorize each and their rank. This is just a wild hair of mine!

Your blog is so great!

I just started a new blog www.sanctifiedsavings.blogspot.com and I am looking for some people to submit some recipes, including the cost. I will link each recipe back to your website. Thanks so much!

If recipes arent your thing my main blog is www.heyrachiekae.com which is all about frugalness, craftiness and homeschooling.

Rachael Hoffmeyer

BTW- I did follow your blog if you would follow mine back?? If not, then maybe some homeschool links and ideas!

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