Monday, August 23, 2010

Homemade Erector Set

All I have to say is HOORAY for Dad! He hit a home run with this idea for his girls.
They played for hours erecting shapes and forts out of scrap pieces of wood. Dad drilled holes into the wood and provided a bowl with screws, washers, nuts, a wrench, and a screw driver.
 It just goes to show that simply gifts are still the greatest. Dad showed them how to twist the nuts onto the screws and even build a small ladder. If your hubby has made a great Dad invention for your kids, please post the link in the comment section below. Dad invented, Mom approved!

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Infant Bibliophile said...

Yay for handy dads! My husband made my son a model sit-in car (in yellow, his favorite color). We posted about it here: He also made a great clock that displays two photos, one of our son sleeping and one of him awake. The lights inside switch to illuminate the sleeping child between 8pm and 7am, and the awake child during the daytime hours. I can't say it works wonders, but it does allow us to say, "hey, you know you should be asleep - what does your clock say?" I'm new to your blog - having fun reading it. :)

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