Friday, January 15, 2010

She's turning 5-Scavenger Hunt Clues

There is a ton of excitement around her this week as Olive is getting ready to celebrate her 5th birthday! I just have to say it, "I can't believe she's turning 5!"  I am so proud of her...Olive is bright, witty, artistic, and a fabulous big sister.

This year Olive wanted to have a princess party (again), so we changed it up a bit with a princess scavenger hunt theme. These are my ideas, please let me know if you think of anything else.

--Princess Scavenger Hunt clues:
Red and shiny, delicious to eat,
I made Snow White, fall asleep.

Cinderella danced at the ball with fancy shoes,
go to where Olive keeps hers and find your next clue.

Sharp and tiny I may be,
they tried to keep Sleeping Beauty away from me.

Ariel thinks having legs is grand,
go help her find a place to get wet, with out any sand.

Belle loves to read good books and is smart as can be,
now go find your next clue on page 103.

Mulan is a warrior and fights for her land,
where can you find clothes that make you look like a man.

Tinker Bell flies as fast as can be,
just look for her magical dust on me.

After they have discovered all the clues, the fairy dust will lead them to a treasure chest with their prize- tiaras for the girls, and pirate swords for the boys.

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