Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's a date!

Dates with your children are just as important as dates with you spouse. I was lucky enough to have some alone time with Jem today. We enjoyed playing together at the local children's museum. It was nice to observe her playing with out the aid of Olive, especially when creating art. We showcased Jem's creations on the living room table for daddy to see when he came home from work.



Montessori Moments said...

Great snowman craft! I love doing crafts daily with my girls! Hope you'll stop by my blog!

sippy cup mom said...

Your site is great, thanks for checking out mine, we have lots of crafts to come.

Angela said...

Dates with my daughter are the best! So true to make sure you get these in. We love showing our creations to Daddy when he gets home at the end of his work week. :)

Can you enable Name/Url for comments? I think you have to check allow anonymous comments, but then it would allow people like me without Blogger to comment. :)

- Angela

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