Monday, January 11, 2010

Arctic is for polar bears, Antarctica is for penquins

It's a major freeze around here this week, like much of the South. The thermometer reads 22 degrees this morning. We have lived here a year now and I think my blood has run thin. Sometimes the cold weather really gets my brain working, it's a good thing, so we started a really cute unit on the "Arctic is for polar bears and Antarctica is for penquins."

I started by saying polar bears live up there (pointing up) and penquins live down there (pointing down.) O says, "you mean they live way under the ground." How confusing can one mom be? Then I got out our world map rug and they got it. They enjoyed putting their arctic animals where they belonged, did some fun goldfish math, while J played with some play foam like it was snow.

Not bad for a cold morning.

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