Monday, January 25, 2010

Marvelous Monday Unplugged-Floating Liquids

I had a wonderful birthday weekend.  My Buzz Lightyear took me camping and cooked on the open fire like a cowboy, and we got our feet freezing cold in the was perfect. Then I arrived home to a delicious birthday cake and a tidy house, thanks to the girls and Grammy. 33 is looking like a good year!

Now for our fun experiment:  Even if your kids don't understand density yet they will still enjoy this project. You can explain that the heavier liquids are closer to the bottom and that the lighter liquids float closer to the top.

What we used from top to bottom:     

(yes, I put a sock around my oil to prevent marks on my cabinets)

colored water

dish soap



Add each liquid slowly and slide them down the side of a clear glass.

An easier way to see this is to just use oil and colored water. The girls enjoyed stirring the liquids up and watching them separate.


Montessori Moments said...

Great activity!I think we will try this sometime!
Thanks for your comment on my blog. The snowman was so much fun to make!

Kristin@SenseofWonder said...

Oh these are all great! Thank you! I'm going to have to keep up with what you are up to, because it looks like your up to great things.

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