Thursday, January 14, 2010

FIAR- A New Coat for Anna

Olive had a great time rowing the book, A New Coat for Anna, at her Five In A Row Co-op this week. The girls enjoyed playing a bartering game, dying cloth with strawberries and carrots, learning to weave, and making hand print sheep with cotton. The girls in the group are between the ages of 5-6, but this would also be a great book to revisit when they get older.


Melissa said...

THanks for you comment on my blog. I'm looking forward to reading yours...I'm thinking of using FIAR in the near future. Would you recommend it?

sippy cup mom said...

Yes, I am just started using FIAR this year. It has been a good gently transition into the HS world. We love books and with a little creativity (that I know you have), you can turn this into a great learning tool. Olive really loves making lapbooks to go along with what we learn. I'll have to post some soon. I also have BFIAR for Jem, it's simply ideas, not sure you would really need to buy it if you are good at linking activities with stories, but a nice resource to have. Hope this helps, and we'll have to bounce ideas off each other.

We purchased the books at, amazon, and borrow from the library. We also use a world map with mark where the story takes place.

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