Thursday, April 15, 2010

Party Hats and favorite book

My girls love this book by P.D. Eastman. They think it is so funny and get a kick out of the dogs going up, up, up the tree for a big dog party.

We decided to make our own party hats and here they are.....

Just take a paper plate and cut on the lines you see above. Flip the points up and glue on your favorite decorations. Finish by punching 2 small wholes on both sides for the yarn to tie around your chin. We also added crepe paper to make them look extra fancy. Enjoy your party hat!


melissa said...

We've always loved this book also! Great idea for a quick and easy craft for all ages to go with it. Thanks for sharing, I'll be using it soon!

Carolyn said...

What cute hats on those pretty girls. Think of all the occasions this idea could be used for making hats.

Love, Mom 2

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