Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Discovery: Yellow Belly Slider

Daddy had a surprise waiting for us when we returned home today.....this adorable baby turtle. He is only about 2 inches long and has little claws on his feet. He was found crossing the street, most likely on his way to one of the lagoons on the golf course. This little guy will get pretty large and we plan to return him to the water this evening.

At first we thought he was a snapping turtle, but after searching the internet we found he is a "yellow-belly slider." You can find them near most wetlands and basking in the sun beside ponds.

Yellow belly sliders are omnivores.  When young they eat a primarily carnivorous diet but as they age they begin to include plants. 


5orangepotatoes said...

I'm sure you're familiar with the "ahhhhhh" sounds coming from my house when we first saw the pictures of this very cute little guy!!!! Love that hubby of yours for sharing this little guy and LOVE that after watching and researching him, you returned him back to nature. Which is not an easy thing to do!

Thanks so much for sharing this with us and your kind words.


The Robbins Zoo said...

He's so cute! :o)

Jennifer said...

He's cute! We used to have two red-earred sliders that looked very much like that, only with red dots on the sides of their faces.

Carolyn said...

Wow, Buzz has good eyesight to notice this small turtle and so glad he showed it to the girls. There is lots to see in nature if we only take the time to notice when we are out there.

Love, Mom 2

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