Monday, April 12, 2010

My Necklace has arrived.

Thanks to Counting Coconuts and the lovely craftsmanship of Moon Dog Farm of Maine, I now have a lovely new necklace to wear. It is a rose quartz mama necklace carved into a circle. The stone is strong, smooth, and lightweight to wear.  It shines a lovely color of rose-pink and arrived on a black leather string.

When I am holding Jem she likes to stick her finger through the circle and wear it like a ring.  I just want to say thanks for such a lovely giveaway and I am so happy to be the winner. Please check out Moon Dog Farm's etsy store for more adorable eco-friendly, and felted handicrafts.


Mari-Ann said...

Hooray! Sounds like it's getting the love it deserves! :)

moondogfarm said...

just found your blog by searching my shop name:) So glad you like your necklace! thanks for blogging about it!

Nikki at

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