Sunday, June 13, 2010

Living Learning Books- Butterflies

Our caterpillars have arrived in the mail and have already started making their chrysalis. This is the third year that we have ordered monarch butterflies from Insect Lore and it never gets old for my two girls. In about 3 weeks the butterflies will be named and released into grammy's garden.

I am so excited to be using our new science curriculum called Living Learning Books,  created by veteran homeschool mom, Sandi Strenkowski. In level one science we will be learning about animals, human body, and plants. The best part about Living Learning Books new format is that you are now provided with weekly lesson plans and an easy downloadable format for both vertebrates, invertebrates, and the human body (coming soon). I love that these lessons can be used for multiple ages and you can add as much to a subject as you would like or keep it simple with just the basics. Each lesson has coloring and activity pages, crafts, cooking, and suggested reading.

Our Butterfly Lesson: 
Read-                                     Monarch Butterfly by Gail Gibbons
                                              Waiting for Wings by Lous Ehlert
                                              The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
                                              The Butterfly House by Eve Bunting

Projects-                                Antennae headband
                                              Baggie Butterfly Garden
                                              coloring pages
 Cooking-                              Butterfly Apples
                                              Caterpillar Cookies                          

I think this is a good start to the week as an added bonus their is a free sample unit to download on Sandi's site here!


MommyWise said...

Thank you for this! That program looks interesting and I hadn't heard of it before.

Christy said...

If you can find Dr Seuss's Oh Me! Oh My! A Butterfly - it will go perfectly with this! I just borrowed it to go along with our preschool B unit. I WISH I could order those right now but we are just starting out our new year and I have ordered so much lately that I better wait until next spring! :) Hopefully we can do some fun spring crafts with them. THanks for sharing the store site!

Robbins Zoo said...

What are your butterflies in?

sippy cup mom said...

They came in that container from Insect Lore. They are now in a butterfly mesh house, pics soon the follow.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I love you emphasis on real life experiences and picture books. I've always taken the same approach.
Another art idea you might try is making painted butterflies on folded paper: Fold a paper in half and have your children paint on only one side of the fold. Try to make a line near the center for the body, and half a butterfly shape (two circles, one larger than the other.) Then, carefully fold paper over and press. Open to reveal a beautiful butterfly!
Have fun,

Susan Lemons said...

I love your emphasis on real life experiences and reading aloud! I use the same emphasis. Another art idea you can try is making folded paper butterflies.
Fold paper in half and paint on only one side. Make a dark line near the fold for the body and antenae. Paint or dot paint in the approximate shapes of wings. Carefully fold paper over and gently press. Open slowly to reveal your butterfly.
Have fun!

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