Thursday, February 24, 2011

Forcing Bulbs

We are a little behind in forcing tulip bulbs this year, but it only took four days for the girls to start seeing roots emerge. Olive says it's because she picked the most perfect place in the house to help them grow. The girls are in charge of making sure they have just the right amount of water touching the bulb.
 We purchased rocks and glass marbles from the $1 store and used some narrow glass vases to force the bulbs. Hopefully we'll have lovely tulips in time for Easter.


Donene said...

I can't wiat to see your beautiful bulbs! Thanks for visiting and your nice comments! If you crochet I do have the pattern for the monkey hats at my etsy shop. They really are fun to make!

Donene said...

I meant wait!

Anonymous said...

Very fun! I bet they will be beautiful for Easter :-)

Carolyn said...

Those will be beautiful! If they bloom before Easter (April 24) you can just start some more. Another good bulb is white narcissus (daffodil). Be sure to show us when they bloom.

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