Monday, February 28, 2011

Seussical Fun!

Here are some activities that we did last year to celebrate Dr. Suess.
We've been having a good time celebrating the birthday of Dr. Suess by reading a ton of his books, making a hat, fishing for letters, color foot stamping, and green egg fun.


I found some great ideas from Suessville, it's really a wonderful site! Click here 
We also subscribe to a site called Kidssoup that has some fun ideas too. Click here.

We are in the process of making this Cat In the Hat mask. All you need is a paper plate and construction paper.

Olive loves to rhyme words so in honor of Dr. Suess we started to make rhyming word list.
Train        Plane
Box        Fox
Cat          Hat 
Fish         Dish
Cake         Rake
Book        Hook
Car        Star

I hope you have fun this week...his official birthday is March 2nd. Please keep me posted on your Seussical fun!


Mama King said...

So glad i stopped by! Was looking for some fun Seuss activities. Your mask looks great.

Christy said...

We always make a Seuss snack and read a lot of Seuss books. Last year, we made oobleck too. We make sure to celebrate his birthday because he is from MA, just like us!

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