Thursday, November 18, 2010


The girls did amazing job in the Nutcracker as an English Cracker and Little Mouse. I could tell that Olive loved performing on stage and Jem was just as excited to wear make-up.

I have many holiday activities to post, but the past two weeks have been a bit hectic. I flew to California on a "friendship emergency," while Buzz looked after the girls. He even had to get the girls ready for the Nutcracker, he did great!

We are heading to a funeral as one of our favorite Uncles passed away this week. He was a good man who lived a full life. Our Uncle made everyone laugh and loved God and his family.

I'll be back in action on Monday...have a lovely weekend.


Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle....I got a call from Australia last night telling me that my pop (grandad) is not expected to live through the night :-( Our hope is in the LORD. Your girls looked ADORABLE for the recital......and good on your man for being so organized!

Anonymous said...

Very sorry to hear about your uncle. Glad you could go visit a friend during an emergency! The girls look adorable in their costumes!

Pomegranategrl said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle. I am sending good energy your way. Those girls are the cutest I have ever seen! Oh my gosh...

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