Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Book Suggestions

One Is A Feast For Mouse
By: Judy Cox This cute mouse gets greedy after everyone leaves the dinner table, but learns that a little can sometimes be a lot. 
Activities: balancing objects, counting, discuss sharing, how to set a table.

 Turkey Trouble
By: Wendi Silvano
It's Thanksgiving Day and turkey knows he's in trouble. He offers creative suggestions to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
Activities: Discuss other countries that celebrate Thanksgiving and their food traditions, puppets, make disguises.
P is for Pilgrim
By: Helle Urban
This is a wonderful book for an older child.  It walks you through the alphabet with interesting Thanksgiving facts from A to Z.
Activities: Map pilgrims route, geography, growing crops, Indian tribes near you.

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Table of Four Homeschool said...

My two favorite Thanksgiving books are "Albert's Thanksgiving" by Leslie Tryon and "Thanksgiving Day" by Anne Rockwell. My girls love the books!

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