Friday, July 23, 2010

Roadtrip Car Ideas

We are getting ready to take off on a roadtrip to the land of the Amish, cow pastures, and shoe-fly pie. It's a girls roadtrip with Olive, Jem, and my Mom...Lancaster County, PA here we come. We are excited to see family, it should take us about 12 hours. The girls love a good roadtrip, and so do I if I pack correctly.

Each girl has their own small bag packed with their clothes, it just works out easier for me. I have some good snacks prepared in little snack bags, like raisins, cheerios,  m&m's, pretzels, and carrot sticks. Now that the girls are older I take one sippy cup per child, as we've had too many cups lost somewhere in the car only to be discovered weeks later- you get the idea!

Each girl has a little bag with 2 dolls, a few books, color wonder markers and paper, we also have books on tape, and a DVD player for a last resort. I made these fun activity packets for our trip. I printed off mazes, dot to dot pages, telling time, and anything else I found from various free sites. I laminated the pages back to back, attached an O ring, and included a washable marker to complete the activities. Wish us luck and I'll be back blogging next week.


Carolyn said...

Just the girls on a road trip. Sounds like fun and preparing ahead will help. Look forward to pictures.

Anonymous said...

Love the activity packets idea. We have some long plane rides coming up this winter so I will have to remember that idea for on the plane.

alljoinin said...

I have an award for you
Great blog.
Blessings Bea

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