Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Old Jeans Turned Into A Purse!

My daughter out-grew a pair of jeans and we made them into a little purse for her to carry around. It actually turned out really cute. I used old play jeans, but can't wait to recycle some cute disney ones when she's done with them too.
Step one: Cut jeans straight across at the crotch.
Step two: Turn inside out and sew across
Step three: I lined the inside and sewed it into the bottom and around the top. Line it by using a different fabric and basically sew a square about the same size, by leave the top open and slide it into the jeans.
Step four: Make a handle- either use ribbon and sew it on or use left over leg material (I made a braid with it) and sew it into the sides.
Step five: Add your own creative touch!


Carolyn said...

Another one of your good ideas. Helps them to visualize different uses for an item before trashing it.I really enjoy your blog and seeing what Olive and Jem are doing each day.

AskTracy said...

Very creative site! Thanks for sharing. : )

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