Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lost Toy Search

I thought you should know about this site called Plush Memories, they specialize in finding lost toys. We experienced this with Olive at age 3 when she lost her pink rabbit. Pink rabbit has been with us since 3 months of age and I'm happy to say is sleeping soundly with her tonight...thanks to this site. You can post what you are looking for and folks will help you find your lost lovey. The search is entirely free and you may want to take a look to see if one of your unwanted toys can become someone's lost lovey.
(Pink rabbit is the one on the right)
So word to the wise...if you child is in love with a special blanket, or plush toy, buy an extra one just in case.


The Activity Mom said...

This is great! B lost his brown bear once and I couldn't find another one anywhere except for like $50 somewhere because it wasn't available anymore. We found him, but this would have been a life saver back then!

Another tip is not only should you buy an extra one, but alternate them if possible because I heard that there is something about the smell and feel of the older one that comforts them. B always touched the nose of his bear so even if we would have gotten a new one, he may not have wanted it because the nose wasn't what he was used to.

sippy cup mom said...

That is such a good point! It just breaks your heart when it happens. We tried a green rabbit, the same kind, but it wasn't her pink rabbit. $30 later and 3 weeks later we found one, it was well worth it!

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