Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Using the phone.

I've been working with Olive on learning her phone number and using the phone. When the phone rings and I can't get to it, she now picks the phone up, presses the green button, and says, "hello, may I ask who's speaking." She also dials daddy's work number and knows to only dial 911 in an emergency.

FYI- During a hotel stay Jem was playing with the phone and with out us knowing pressed the emergency button....10 minutes later we received a knock at the door from a policeman asking if everything was OK. Before he left we had him talk to the girls.  He was really nice about it and explained that the emergency button was just like dialing 911.  After that we unplugged the phone in the room!


Carolyn said...

Pushing the green button would be so easy for a kid to do without knowing what would happen. You and Buzz had your thinking caps on when you asked the officer to explain when and only when to push the green button. I'm sure Olive has never forgotten and I look forward to her calling me.

Carolyn said...

Sorry Olive, I thought you pushed the button and it was really Jem. I'm sure Jem learned a good lesson from the officer.

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