Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Car Potty

I know she'll probably hate me for this photo when she gets older....but I have gotten so many comments about our CAR POTTY.  We carry this little potty around in the back of our SUV wherever we go. It's so much easier than going into a gross gas station on a road trip, and it helps when "I gotta go" happens at the most unlikely time, or when you are stuck in traffic and have no idea where the next rest stop will be....you get the idea. If you have a good idea that saves the day, please let me know, happy travels!


Mom said...

Yep - You're gonna be in trouble for this one.

Nice meeting you today at the museum.

Robbins Zoo said...

We have a car potty too. We keep it in the trunk along with a blanket for when she is either cold or extra modest. It's also nice with 2 little ones. Because when you are by yourself and have to take both children into the gross public bathroom.. that can get interesting LOL

MommyWise said...

That is the same potty we have in the back of our Pilot.. (although my youngest is potty trained I have yet to take it out.)

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