Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Recycled Paint Trays

My girls can paint for hours, but they get upset when paint runs together. The solution to this problem came while baking Manicotti last week....I know, you're thinking where is this going! The pasta tubes came in these neat plastic trays, which are just perfect for keeping each paint color separated until they are ready to be mixed into a work of art.

So be sure to save your plastic trays from pasta, crackers, and cookies...they sure recycle well as paint trays.


Jenn said...

Just came across your blog for the first time tonight & I have to say I really love it. You've got lots of good ideas here. I’ve got a MckLinky party called Tot Tuesdays which started this past Tuesday. I hope you'll stop by & share :


Carolyn said...

What fun! Outside and painting! I have an idea for Buzz. Noticed their paint trays (great idea) are on the driveway and therefore not handy. Buzz could add a shelf at the bottom of the easel or, take thin plywood and make the handheld ones with cut outs for a thumb and finger. Then you could tape their paint trays to them. Or maybe use thick cardboard. I also use the plastic dividers (found in lots of items and all sizes). I took a divider from a box of assorted chocolates and put it in a plastic pencil box and use for my earings. Any collection such as seashells or rocks as Olive loves. I like your repurpose ideas! Love, Mom 2

Victoria said...

That is a great idea - my kids love to paint too and I will try this. Now I need to save some plastic trays. I love you rblog and will "steal" some other ideas from it.

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