Thursday, March 11, 2010

No training wheels!

It's been a big week for for Olive...she can ride her bike with no training wheel! She asked us to them off and then as soon as we did, she asked us to put them back on again. I told her she should try and with big old tears she reluctantly did. The first day we practiced on the street and the second day we went to the beach. Can you imagine a more perfect place to learn to ride your bike?

Jem played in the sand and looked on as her big sis learned to ride.
I must say it was one of those perfect days....the kind that make you feel blessed for everything in your life.

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Carolyn said...

That is a perfectly beautiful beach and how lucky to be there with Olive and Jem. Never thought about what a great place to learn to ride a bike. No hurts if you fall over. Am proud of Olive and Jem looks like she is thinking "I could do that"! LOL! Love, Mom 2

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