Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Haddie's Beautiful Birth

6 weeks
I had a beautiful birth, I never thought I would say that, but baby number three was magical.

The details leading up to Haddie's birth:
Little Haddie kept us guessing up until 40 weeks and 1 day.  She was a "flipper"- one week breach, next week transverse, the following day head-down.  The word C-section was mentioned a few times, but my babies usually come late and I was in no hurry.  I did many head stands in the pool, used hot and cold packs on my belly, and crawled on all fours to get her to turn.  My girls got the biggest kick seeing me perform these tricks.

I had a regular doctor check-up at 40 weeks and 3 days.  I was doing well and so was baby.  It was finally confirmed with an ultrasound that little girl had followed directions and was head down!  My doctor knew how much I wanted things to happen naturally, but thought it was a good idea to be induced that evening as she was in the right position.  I agreed, but had second thoughts, but my hubby assured me that I was doing the right thing.  I was already 3 centimeters dilated, but not effaced.  With my previous births,  I was 2 weeks late, and only 1/2 centimeter dilated so this was big news for me.

To the hospital:
Everything was going as planned...I was still able to go to my daughter's swim meet at 5, eat a good dinner with hubby, and arrive at the hospital around midnight. Well, the swim meet was a rain-out, my parent's took the girls, and hubby and I went home to relax.  Shortly after arriving home I used the bathroom I had a bloody-show. I was happy that things were happening naturally this time.  Then about an hour later, mild contractions began.  My contraction progressed to about 5 to 4 minutes a part for a short time and I started getting nervous.  I never had contractions prior to being induced with my other children.  I told my husband that if these contractions continued after a hot bath, we were heading to the hospital.

Well, they slowed, and we went to the hospital as scheduled.  Since labor had already begun they had me labor on my own during the night (I could have stayed in my own bed for that).  The next morning, the doctor broke my water, not much happened, and my good "nurse" friend arrived to help labor and deliver me!  She started pitocin around 7 in the morning and I progressed well.  I was now around 4 centimeters and asked if I wanted an epidural.  I was doing fine with the pain, but the hospital was getting busy, so I caved.  To me, the epidural, is one of the scariest parts.  I started shaking, and crying, and asking a ton of questions, like, "are you sure that needle is in the middle of my back?"  It turned out well and it felt like a walking epidural, which was fine with me.

I'll jump to the end now....The doc arrived, it was time to push.  I asked for a mirror so I could see what was happening, BIG gulp.  It was noon and I was starving!  I totally understood how to push this time, I was told to push like you're on the potty.  I got it, and in about 13 minutes out came Haddie.  The cord was wrapped around her neck and she was greyish in color.  They laid her on my chest and I kissed her.  It seemed like forever, but my hubby says it was about 30 seconds until she started breathing.  She had a lot of fluid in her lungs, but her color perked up fast after being placed under the warming lights.  She weighed 7lbs 1oz and was 19 1/2 inches long, with a perfect little head.  That little head was a blessing, it was so perfect and round since she never settled into position until delivery time.

My recovery was much faster this time, did I mention she has a lovely small head, and nursing is going fantastic.  I have nursed with each baby, but this time it's with out any supplementing.  I was nursing constantly the first 6 days, but it was worth it, and I am making an abundance of milk now.  I was never able to pump before, but now I hold up my 4 oz bottle like a kid at Christmas, "look what I got!" This fascinates my girls.  At 6 weeks she is sleeping for 6 hours and I am so happy.  The third times a charm for me.

Thanks for reading about my little miracle.  I am thankful she turned head down, I am thankful for patience,  the blessing of a beautiful birth, the support of my husband, and a healthy joyful family.

Big sisters and Haddie 2 weeks


~Stephanie said...

Congratulations, Karen! You are a beautiful and amazing mom. I am so glad everything went well!! Love and hugs to that precious baby girl! ~Stephanie

Counting Coconuts said...

What a beautiful story, Karen! I'm so glad all worked out well. Lots of hugs and blessings to you and yours!


Sippy Cup Central Mom said...

Thanks all, we are so blessed! Karen

Carolyn said...

I will especially treasure this story since Haddie is my 5th grandchild!. Thanks for taking time to write this story down and Haddie will enjoying reading it sometime. Well done and thanks for the 3 beautiful granddaughters you have given me.

rachelle | tinkerlab said...

She's a gorgeous baby and I love your birth story, Karen. It's absolutely perfect. Congratulations on your growing family.

Court said...

Congratulations on the new beautiful baby!

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