Monday, June 20, 2011

Easy Sewing For Baby

Our little bundle is due in less than two weeks and we are so excited to meet her.  My nesting started with organizing, then cooking, and now crafting.  Here are some cute and simple projects that I made for our new baby.
This is my first crochet had that I learned how to make from watching a u-tube video. I love the fabric flower that I made for the hat.  I will share how to make these in a later post.  They look adorable on head bands as well.

I used out-grown tights to "baby legs" for a little crawler.

This is my favorite project, but it took me 3 out of 5 onesies to get it right.  I think this skirted onesie is super cute and the directions can be found over at Prudent Baby.

I used thick cloth diapers to make these homemade burp clothes.  Just pick a piece of fabric and embellish with ribbon.

Every baby needs a cute homemade taggie blanket.  Just sew the fabric like a blanket, but insert 2 inch pieces of folded ribbon on three sides.

My first crocheted blanket.

These come in very handy- rice filled love owls. You can make any shape and fill it with rice. We have two in the freezer for bumps and two that I heat up in the microwave for sore muscle and stomachs.

I was surprised how easy these bibs were to make.  You can use this simple pattern found here.
 I can't wait to share some photos of our new baby when she arrives!
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Carolyn said...

Those are all great ideas and you did such a good job! You have really been busy! Can't wait until my new granddaughter will use them!

Twisted Cinderella said...

I LOVE these ideas! I might have to try some of them!

Sparkling said...

I love the skirted onesie and I am all over it! I have to go check out that pattern so I can make one for my niece before her mother gets her machine out and makes one!

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