Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The "Ouch" Sound

This activity really helped Olive learn the "ow" and "ou" sound.  She matched up the words with the sound on the sorting mats found over at Finally In First.
The "OU" and "OW" phonograms.
Olive then practiced writing the "ouch" words on her sorting mat.  She really enjoyed this activity and it helped her sound out these word families much easier.
(These pictures were in the right direction prior to downloading, sorry.)
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Angie said...

great idea! Differentiating between those two phonograms is such a great skill, and kids love it!!

Angie @ http://inmysparetime2.blogspot.com

Sippy Cup Central Mom said...

Thanks, I figure this was better practice than giving her a little pinch when she tried sounding out the word. Karen

Nicole said...

I will have to remember this for when Short Pants is ready - thanks. Thanks too for linking to Montessori Monday. :)

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