Thursday, March 31, 2011

My April Fool's Joke

Can you keep a secret.....I can't wait until my girls and my hubby pop the lids on these cans!  I found this awesome idea over at Sun Scholars
Start by opening the bottom side on the can and save the oranges for later.

 Add something funny to the inside of the cans.  I used grapes, peas-carrots, and beans.
Next, carefully hot-glue the bottoms back on and keep yourself from laughing until they open them!


Anonymous said...

LOL thats great!! I am not sure Sammy will get many April Fools jokes.. but I think he would totally get something like that!

Christy said...

That is too funny! :) Wow, I just saw your name as a winner on Erica's giveaway - what a great prize! Congrats!

Carolyn said...

Would love for you to share the reactions from Buzz, Olive and Jem! This is the neatest idea ever!

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