Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What we have rowed -FIAR

FIAR or Five In A Row is a literature based homeschool program by Jane Lambert, that we've been using for the past year.  This is how it works...you read the same book for a week and base your math, geography, science, history, and scripture off of that book. We enjoy making lapbooks to coordinate with what we are learning, plus Olive enjoys showing them off when family comes to visit.

Here are some books we have rowed with our FIAR co-op.
Andy and the Lion
By: James Daughterty
(Miss K)

Facts about lions
Ways to help others
Lion's body
Talk about dreams

A Pair of Red Clogs
By: Masako Matsuno

Name In Japanese
Action art
Weather game
Track your weather
Make sushi

Santori Smiles is a good resource for FIAR ideas.

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