Monday, April 23, 2012

Girl's Garden

We've been playing in the dirt, pulling up weeds, and cleaning out a small space for a "girl's only" garden.  It took all day, but it was worth it!
The girls planted Marigolds, Sunflower and Zinnia seeds, Cucumbers, Carrots, and I have a little patch of basil in the middle.

 We even had a little visitor come and check out our new garden box....(we found this so funny!)
Hello Sunshine, thanks for visiting!
How are you getting your hands dirty this week?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

American Girl Party Ideas

Well, my American Girl has been 7 for nearly a three months now, but I forgot to post our fun party ideas.  Above and (sideways) is a cute American Girl Bingo game that we played with her friends, it was a big hit.

Here is a photo of Kanani in Samantha's dress and my American Girl!  I also cut out the doll photos on the bingo square to tape on the party cups.
I decorated with American Girl store shopping bags and made little doll party hats with craft paper and pom-poms.
*Our American Girl Tea Party Menu included:
Kanani's Tropical Fruit
Kit's Lunch Bites
Samantha's Tea Cookies
Olive's American Girl Cake and Icecream cups

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Challah Bread

This is a lovely bread that I made in Fall that will be perfect for Easter.  I plan on braiding the bread to have with dinner and using the leftovers to make perfect french toast.

Simply Healthy Challah Bread
There isn't any bread maker required for this lovely loaf of traditional Jewish egg bread. It's perfect for sandwiches or french toast for breakfast. I usually do not make bread from scratch, but this recipe from All Recipes-here,  is so simple and healthy that I may just bake some every week. The recipe made two big loaves and my family loved it.
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