Saturday, April 20, 2013

Classical Conversations

I am happy to say that we completed Cycle 1 of Classical Conversations. I will be tutoring next year and looking forward to the challenge.

At our end if year party the girls sang the Timeline song and showed off their art work.

Olive also took the Woodcock Johnson test last month. It was a good first test, which gave us a broad view on what she knows by age and grade.

We all had spring fevers...literally...but we are in the mend now!

We had fun recently at NC State's farm animal days, the NC symphony, and the park. Sports are also in full swing with softball and soccer filling up the calendar.

We look forward to finishing up our Saxon Math books and starting All About Spelling. The zoo and an orienteering trip are on the agenda for this week.

Our baby is quickly growing into a toddler...she already is, but I am in denial. She really enjoyed her first sensory tub!

I did allow the girls to hear some of the news about the Boston bombing, and I made sure that they knew the bad men were caught. We prayed for peace and for love to shine in everyone's hearts.

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