Thursday, March 22, 2012

And We Have It Hard!

Here is a list of chores that children had to do before eating breakfast on an early turn of the century farm...  This is a constant reminder to me and my girls to be thankful for everything we have, even those smelly diapers because it sure beats what they had in 1901!

It's good to be back blogging and thanks for all your kind comments during the past 3 months.  Nothing could be finer than to be living in Carolina...there is so much to do in the triangle area.  The girls are getting tired of hearing...mommy went to high school here, daddy lived here is college,  mommy went here on a prom date... I am answered with an, "I KNOW!"

We were warmly welcomed into a Classical Conversations community in Durham. Our 24 week cycle ends in 2 weeks and my girls have learned such a wealth of knowledge.  I have learned right along with them.  We finished our human body in January...a full life size picture of what's inside us.

Haddie, is now 8 months old, super mobile, super adorable, and has just popped out 2 bottom teeth.  She is still nursing well and loves all her food.  We try to find veggies and fruits that she "won't" try- it's a little game for us now.  If you have a little one, try making homemade baby food.  It's super easy with just a bit of prep work one day a week.  I'll show you how this be continued....

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