Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Arctic and Antarctic

It's a major freeze around here this week.  The cold weather prompted us to start learning more about our two polar regions- "Arctic is for polar bears and Antarctica is for penguins."

I started by saying polar bears live up there (pointing up) and penguins live down there (pointing down.) O says, "you mean they live way under the ground." How confusing can one mom be? Then I got out our world map rug and they got it.

Olive and Jem enjoyed making these adorable paper penquins. We made them last year as well, they were easy to make and the idea came from Kidssoup.


huana said...

I'm thinking of makin one earth map with fingerpuppets of animals to learn with my daughter and this is how the penguins are going to loke like.

Mama King said...

Hope you are staying warm! I think we may try our hand at making some penguins soon. Thanks!

Amber said...

Underground penguins! Isn't it funny how to explain something you take for granted and then realize it makes absolutely no sense at all to a child? Really makes you have a better understanding of where they are coming from. Our wall map has been so helpful too!

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