Thursday, September 15, 2011

Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Here is a great last minute craft idea for decorating just about any part of your house. Plus, this cute little pumpkin would be good to place on the back of the toilet seat, just in case you run out.
-Take a roll of toilet paper and give a little smoosh.
-Take a Fat Quarter and start stuffing it into the center all the way around.
-Secure with a twig pushed into the middle and add ribbon to decorate.

These toilet paper pumpkins can be left out until Thanksgiving too. We made this cute craft at MOPS, you can find more toilet paper pumpkins here.


Krystal said...

This is adorable! I think I may share it with our MOPS group as well...Now I wonder if I can get my hubby to stop at the craft store.

Michelle said...

Such a cute ideas! And easy for little fingers :-) I think we'll have to make some.

Elle Belles Bows said...

Very very cute! Kerri

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